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About 20 years ago the father of my ex - wife died and his mother came to live with us for a couple of weeks, I was pretty well built 53 year old Scottish woman named Helen. During the 10 years he had been married to my ex who had spent time in the house of his in-laws and once or twice seen her half naked and knew that an impressive pair of tits. Anyway, while she lived with us, it just happened that my wife out on Saturday night for a bachelorette party so, after the children had gone to bed, the mother and I sat on the telly. After an hour watch of the night to the usual Saturday banal shit says the mother in law, we will see a video. Me being me I am the sound of music, while kowalskypage she went to change. down the stairs wearing her robe, and after 10 minutes of the sounds of music, said he did not have anything. I told him to take a look for yourself everyone knows my position was secure hidden porn. after 5 minutes to do this, they said, and she had a copy of the 9-5 soft-porn version of you and IGHT what the hell. selected about 20 minutes into the film I have an erection when I saw Helen 's legs were open and I glanced at one of the most beautiful I've seen Fannies haired. I could see my hard disk hovering over my sweatpants and a few minutes later : 'Is every waking ' Obviously, I said ' yes' Then out of nowhere, said Helen, if you do not want to cock said Well at least I got my pants and my 7 'cock was strong and I just touch. helen at this point intervened and started rubbing my balls then she grabbed my cock and began straw. kowalskypage as she leaned over me in the robe opened and I saw the beautiful tits, and my hand on it and plays kowalskypage with her nipples large hard rock and not fighting there and, well cum Helen obviously had a lot of experience that my penis and began to kiss and hug and asked me to lick her fanny. Well, I'm not kidding when I was between her thighs, her pubic hair was very thick and bushy and I have nothing I love hairy Fannies. When I got my tongue around her pussy lips he received was so wet kowalskypage and slippery, and she was with Fanny goo. Ten minutes is bubbly and I was ready, I broke my cock slid there and made a right cunt of myself that was about 10 seconds. I got bad feeling about him and Helen has more than not just kowalskypage go down on my cock and suck it back to life. We had some amazing sex helen tonight and there was nothing to do with it would not be anal. A then have hard sex at every opportunity, that was enough. helen unfortunately died 10 months later, but she died a very happy woman fucking good. , but one good thing has left me with a fetish for mature ladies with thick scrub. kowalskypage
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